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I’m Claire and I run Stapo’s thrifty life hacks. But I have worked in digital marketing for over a decade and I’m here to share my SEO tips and knowledge, in an easily and digestible way, so you can get your articles to rank in Google. 


Claire St
Claire – Blogger, Copywriter & SEO Specialist


I aim to keep it simple, to cut the jargon and tell you about the little changes you can make to increase your search traffic.  



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I work on successful, established websites, to boost search traffic. Within the blog section on this site, I share my knowledge with you. 

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I offer blog audits, where I cast an eye over your articles and provide you with a detailed list of actions that you can take to gain more search traffic. 

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I blog over at Stapo’s thrifty life hacks. But I also work as a consultant, to ensure that other websites are fully optimised for search.

I wanted to create a space where I could share that knowledge. SEO isn’t a magic wand, or a foreign language; it’s a series of small changes that can make a big difference. And anybody with the time and the knowledge, can implement it.